Monday, August 10, 2009

Yes, you.

I'm properly in love for the first time, a different kind of love,
I found a new pair of shoes!
They are fiery red and the eyelets are haezel.
The laces sometimes come undone but they never leave the shoe, and surprisingly some days they stay laced up with a comfy grip, keeping me secure.
The soles are... sometimes I forget about the soles because they're not always on show. But I can tell you they're there. I keep trying to look at them (the soles) over my shoulder when I walk but it's a bit tricky.
I used to eye them (my shoes) off in the shop window whenever I walked past.
I never really considered buying them but one day out of the blue I just bought them.
I wore them allot when I first got them, maybe a little too much so I stopped wearing them and went barefoot some days, which wasn't that great.
I started wearing them again even though at times they hurt my feet. The things we do for fashion eh?

I was going to throw them out but I just couldn't part with them, prepared to take the good with the bad.

My shoes have taken a walk of their own, past the seven bells, over the seven seas.
As much as I miss them I think they are going to comeback comfier than ever.

Oh and just so you know you can't find these shoes, they are a one off by a brand called 'Dove'.

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