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Cinema. Where one stays drunk.

I didn't write this. That's all I'll explain.

Time is a one-way street down which we all must travel. What lies at the end of it? A time beyond time... but not a time of emptiness. Behind your personality, your identity, even your physical form there's a spirit; a spark of eternal energy that can neither be created nor destroyed. The true you is divine, inspired and fired by a wisdom far greater than any earthly knowledge. There's nothing to fear in your long-term future or in your immediate situation either. Act with grace, with generosity and with faith in your own power to make a positive difference.


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Bob Dylan - Blood In My Eyes

You Tube embedding has been disabled for this clip but here's the link. Bob Dylan. Babe of a man.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Imagine if Toni Childs and Roland Gift's voices became lovers, it would almost be incest they're so alike.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have a dream, I just need an interpreter

I have a scream I wish to sing

I want to be wrapped inside your wing.

Guide my lost hitchhiking soul

praise me praise me

help me to my goal

I want in

but I can't get out

I need a destination

Long, short or stout.

Should my lack of

be my inspiration

and my cold sweat

my persperation

Rain falling down

hits my mind

as sun hits others skin

I don't know where i'm going

not sure where I've been

Monday, March 29, 2010


I stroked the silk of her ebony hair while her exhausted head lay wearily on my lap. To break up the repeatedness, every so often I plaited small sections from root to tip. I cheekily put my index finger lightly in her right earhole and gently wiggled it until the corners of her mouth twitched into a faint smile and heavy air expelled from her nostrils - this was the closest to a laugh I had seen in days. Little did i know at the time I was going to cherish that very moment for as long as I took my own last breath on this beautiful and cruel earth.

I kept stroking her hair until her bottom lip fell out letting me know she had finally entered sleepytown.
It had been a solid 4 or so days since she had been a willing and able citizen,
sheer exhaustion now took place of the almost empty valium packet.

I miss her. My friend, so much.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Thoughts stuck inside their heads
squared off like margins of red

Their life a parody 
bouncing around like an unsung melody

Unspoken boundaries to halt menacing 
and daring
cuts like barbed wire fencing

a scientific myth to cause fears
with every drop of red tears


Puristic Evils
In threads of white, white and red

Colour pending
your blood will be shed

At the suns set
and the moons rise

They count to six
you close your eyes