Monday, March 29, 2010


I stroked the silk of her ebony hair while her exhausted head lay wearily on my lap. To break up the repeatedness, every so often I plaited small sections from root to tip. I cheekily put my index finger lightly in her right earhole and gently wiggled it until the corners of her mouth twitched into a faint smile and heavy air expelled from her nostrils - this was the closest to a laugh I had seen in days. Little did i know at the time I was going to cherish that very moment for as long as I took my own last breath on this beautiful and cruel earth.

I kept stroking her hair until her bottom lip fell out letting me know she had finally entered sleepytown.
It had been a solid 4 or so days since she had been a willing and able citizen,
sheer exhaustion now took place of the almost empty valium packet.

I miss her. My friend, so much.

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