Thursday, October 22, 2009

You just look like mine.

Is that it?

Is that why it is? Is it 'is'

Was the vain person really right?

was the vain call a lame public cover up

Did the said vaine-o know, care?

Who was hooked. And hooked on what?

Cash money or love?

Is unrequited love real?

Yeah sure it is. at the time. right?

What's fuelling me?

Stay on track, if you go off track, go with it, that's the right track.

Pipe down back there.

Too many police shows?

Or can I really read minds?

I will never know cause we're all so in denial.

Am I living in hope.

Are my hopes real.

Real, there's that word again.

Does it describe the core?

What if it deletes? Where will it live then?

Did it ever exist, or does it always exist? You decide. Consciously or not, the decision is not your.s

Where have you been hiding? Will you stay a while. Damn I have missed you. What is it that's made you come back? And i wonder and ponder what made you come back. What has aided you I should say, I know you have always been there. You are me. of course.

a n explosion could happen. What am I waiting for. Why would I hold back. Fear. hell no. avenue. I have my avenue. tax revenue.

Electric avenue.


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